Our client is a web hosting company based in Algeria.


No need to say that in today’s world, a company with its own web page is more than necessary. It’s a way to claim its presence and be more accessible for people from all over the world; To better know its audience and build a relationship based on reciprocity and to use the collected data in order to optimize its services.

Our client offers a high quality of web hosting services that are accessible for small and medium-sized companies. In other words, he gives them the opportunity to find their place and exist in the digital world where everything is happening, so they can stay in the race.

Ubiko comes from the word “ubiquitous”. Because being on the internet means being everywhere at every time and that is what our client guarantees.


Enable small and middle-sized algerian companies to exist in the digital world and contribute to the modernization of Algeria’s economy.


Giving the access


Your place is guaranteed

Omnipresent, Modern and Actual

The main concept is the omnipresence, and the modernism to create the brand of Ubiko.

the concept is challenging to illustrate in an icon or logo, but after many rounds of researches and sketching, we ended up with this iteration.

The name “Ubiko” is from the word ubiquitous and ubiquity which being present everywhere, and at any time.

And the icon is a looped ‘U’ to present the concept of infinite which is another synonym of Omnipresent.

Dynamic and Up-to-Date

In a world of Internet and webhosting, being up-to-date is a necessity, and that is visible in the identity of Ubiko.

Dynamic and flexible, the colour palette reflect the vibrance and the activeness of the brand, also the blue is the universal symbol of the trust and security, calling back to the hosting services the security is a must.

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March, 2020


WebHosting, Web development, Internet.

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