The New upcoming face of IVNO in Saudi Arabia

Our client is a Saudi IVNO company, it provides connectivity to companies specialized in IOT business.


With the digital revolution, Saudi Arabia as well as other countries, find itself in front of a big challenge: be part of the change and contribute in shaping the new world.
So today, Saudi Arabia is putting all its efforts to release its potential and diversify its resources by investing in the new technologies.

In this context, Thingstel has an important role to play as a connectivity provider and most importantly as an IOT companies supporter. No need to mention that “Internet of things” is one of the most significant technologies that will impact our lives. By helping IOT companies running their business efficiently, Thingstel is contributing in the concretization of “Saudi vision 2030″, which is achieving innovation and being part of the future.


Connect Saudi Arabia to the world of tomorrow


Accelerating innovation


Connect for innovation

As an connectivity provider and IOT supporter, we decided, with ThingsTel, to go back to the most network of objects we’ve ever known to humans which is “Cells” they are the tiniest organism network. Add that to the other attributes from connected to innovate and we get the final icon of ThingsTel.

The icon was used in various shapes and forms, filled, outlined, scaled and repeated. And it shows continuity all throughout the brand supports.

Project Details


NOMD Holding


November, 2019


Mobile Virtual Network, and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

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