Sector Analysis

  1. Infrastructure: definition
  2. Current Context: The Digital Transformation
  3. The optical fiber market: challenges and opportunities

Strategy outputs


Guarantee access to the world of tomorrow.


Democratize technology and make knowledge and information accessible.

What we do:

Ensure the installation of the fibre optic network.


Bringing the light

In a world marked by the digital transformation, a company specialized in optical fibre installations has an important role to play. The high speed broadband is today a lever for competitiveness and development. In fact, the optical fibre is today the access card for the world of tomorrow and this is how we defined the mission of the company.

By choosing Allow as a naming, we support the idea of universal access. Because we believe that everybody deserves the possibility to create possibilities and through the democratization of the optical fibre, everyone will access to knowledge and information and will be able to develop at the same level as everyone else in the world.

Project Details


Loey Ltd


September, 2018


company specialized in the underground networks especially, the optical fibre.

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