Racine is an Open Source solutions company, its role is to accompany and support its clients in their digital transformation.


The last decades, developers and IT engineers played an important social role.
They are behind the internet as we know it today, where all kind of information is and accessible.

They are behind one of the most significant movement: the Open Source” that are based on the openness and the spirit of community by making the original source code free to the public, so every engineer can use it, modify it and develop it.

As Open source solution company, Racines carries the Open-Sources pioneers mission and stands as a guardian of their cause which is making information accessible and exploitable to everyone. Because Racine preaches the free sharing” culture and believes that putting the power of knowledge in the service of their clients can lead them to great exploits.


Free the knowledge


Sharing the power (the knowledge)


Open possibilities

The famous stereotypes about Developers and IT staff that they are geeks and comic book nerds, and their obscure sense of humour, so we said why not start there and work on the aspect of humour and fun with the IT and professionalism aspect in mind.

The whole theme of this project was comic books (superheroes and superpower) and IT geeks (pixels and retro 8-bits style).

Starting with the naming “Racines” that translate to “roots” and in the opensource community root is the highest privilege in an Operating system, in other words the ultimate power (superpower), and the symbol for the root is the “#” symbol, and Boo Yaah! the perfect icon.

The colour palette was inspired from the Terminal / Console palette the green and the dark blue.

The graphics that support the brand are inspired from the coding editor scheme the lines and the dots.

The messaging and the colour palette we used reflect the humorous side of the brand, and they are inspired from coding lines, and famous comic book / pop culture lines, that fits perfectly in the main theme.

Project Details


Racines, Co.


November, 2019


Open Source IT Solution, Web Development.

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