Kfeel is an online platform that puts donors in contact with orphans and poor children so they can sponsor them in any possible way with all transparency.


What is our purpose if we’re not making a positive contribution to those around us?
That was the question our client came with and the reason behind the Kfeel project.

No need to say how poverty is ravaging the lives of thousands of families putting children in front of extremely hard life conditions (illiteracy, orphanage, children abuse etc.)

Kfeel decided to invest in children by offering them a healthy environment so they can have the chance to grow and blossom as any other privileged child in the world.
We are aware about our biology and the bonds we need to develop, to survive.
Survive by feeding not only our bodies but also our souls through giving sense to our lives.We believe in the power of good and empathy to create a wave of human kindness and offer the life that every child deserves.



Ensure our physical and spiritual survival


Perpetuating the goodness through empathy, sensemaking and sensegiving


Fulfill children with life

The main challenge is how to show love, fun, hope and keep a corporate and professional look to the brand. Also how to design a simple and timeless mark for a charity program that keep on giving.

How can you present all the brand attribute form complementarity to love and fulfilment?

Well the icon is two heart that when put together form a solid and form a strong bond.

Also the wordmark is a wordplay on the word “Feel” and to emphasis on that we left the “k” outlined (not filled) to present the missing piece that you need to fill it in order to feel the fulfilment and the joy when helping those in need.

To add more childish aspect to the brand we developed some characters Illustrations with silly expression to emphasis on the humorous side of Kfeel, we also created patterns and poster that are colourful to promote the image of the brand.

Project Details




August, 2019


Foster child and Support Program.

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