“Nature revives in you”

Our client is a franco-tunisian brand of vegetal and essential oils specialized in aromatherapy.


The last decades, with the scandals of the food industry and the unethical processes of the cosmetic, the electronics, the textile industries etc, people started questioning their approach to consumption.
They are today looking for a sense to what they consume by requiring an ethical and eco responsible consumption mode and reviving simple natural old methods.

As a brand that sells vegetal and essential oils destined to aromatherapy, Essenciell is like the translation to the return to nature. It’s a recognition of the natural and vegetal resources (more environment-friendly), the revival of an ancestral know how ( we  reconnect to our history) and a rehabilitation of our ethical values ( a responsible consuming act).


Take care of the world


Reconnecting to the essential


la nature se rétablit en vous

We have a minimalist logo, easy to catch and everyone will interact with differently, they may see the first letter e , some will notice two leaves, or a flower bloom. all of these elements are embraced together to show how varied essenciell is

The color palette was inspired from nature, with a pastel’s about softness, subtlety and growth

Project Details




December, 2019



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