Your Home is in Experts Hands.

DOM is an online platform of breakdown service at home.


With the digital revolution, companies are facing 2 big challenges: taking a step forward in automation and satisfying the quest for meaning of the new consumers.
Dom is perfectly responding to both. Through their platform, they help the craftsmen and repairmen to find their place in the changing world by getting accessible to the new hyper-connected customers. On the other hand, the customers have access to an ergonomic platform with a support service where scams are no longer a problem.


Support and sustainably develop the tunisian craft


by opening the access to the new world


Your Home is in Experts hands

One of the biggest challenges that we faced is how to keep the logo fresh and clean and maintain the connection and continuity between the old logo and the new one.

We removed what cluttered the logo down to the bare minimum, we also used the nut as a symbol for hardware services and integrated it in the wordmark as the letter “o”.


Bold and Dynamic:

The icon reflects boldness and strength, as we used the bold icon as a solid background or a placeholder for images, which showed more dynamic of the new brand icon.


Also, we used the U-shaped box as a graphic element for the safe zone of the logo and as a reminder of the worker pocket that hold the tools, it’s an organic form that ties the brand element together nicely.

Project Details


Dom Services


March, 2019


Home Repair and renovation

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